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Service Bus 12c – A Hands-on Tutorial

I published a Service Bus 12c Tutorial considering the use case described in my previous blogs. The Tutorial is available for download here and would like to know your valuable comments. The WSDLs and other material used in this tutorial can be downloaded from here.

By the time you finish this tutorial, you will learn:

  • Creating Service Bus Application, Project, Proxy and Business services.
  • Working with resources like WSDL, XSD, XSLT, XQuery etc.
  • Sharing Service Bus resources across Service Bus projects to enable reuse and modularity.
  • Creating Pipeline Templates, Pipelines and using nodes like Pipeline Pair, Stage, Routing and Operational Branches.
  • Using Domain Value Maps (DVM) for storing configuring properties and using them in message flow.
  • Creating Service Accounts and using them in message flow at Runtime.
  • Enriching the messages using intermediate Service callouts in Pipelines.
  • Routing messages to business services using Service Callout, Routing and Routing Table.
  • Working with Split-Joins.
  • Using Service error handlers in Pipelines.
  • Securing Proxy service using OWSM.
  • Deploying and Testing Proxy and Business services.

SOA Suite 12c Released!!!!

Oracle had officially released SOA Suite 12c (12.1.3) yesterday and can be downloaded from OTN.

SOA Suite download itself contains JDeveloper (including SOA Extension), RCU and Weblogic Server 12.1.3.

SOA Suite 11g R1 Developers Guide

Ever since i have seen this post by Antony Reynolds, i wanted to grab my copy of this book. But the price of the book in India kept me away for some time. Finally last week i am able to get my copy of it.

The first sight of the book perplexed me as i was expecting the book to be of size similar to Thomas Erls’ book ‘Web Service Contract Design & Versioning for SOA’. But the contents of the book made me realize that the size does not matter always.

The book is well organized into 3 parts. Part-I  introduces the SOA architecture SCA, developing BPEL composites, endpoint virtualization using OSB and using JCA Adapters, Human workflows, Business Rules, Business Events and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) that are components of Oracle SOA Suite. Part-II introduces the business requirements of a fictitious company and proceed with the development of application using SOA architecture by making use of the components described in Part-I. Finally the book ends with chapters on deployment, testing and security which constitutes Part-III of the book.

The first thing i did was the search for the following 2 things as i wanted to confirm the best practices from what i know currently:

  • Scheduling the BPEL processes
  • Way to differentiate System and Business faults in OSB

The above things are covered in Chapter 16 and Chapter 14 respectively.

I am reading the chapters in no sequence and i found the chapters Designing Service Contract (Chapter 11), Error Handling (Chapter 14) and Message Interaction Patterns (Chapter 16) very interesting as of now.

Though my recommendation does not add any brownie points, i recommend this book to novice to learn the basics of SOA Suite11g and to experts to get the quick summary.

I want to finish it off asap before somebody steals the book Smile.


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