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SOA 12c – Deploying MDS

In this post, you will learn a quick way to deploy File based MDS to database.

Assume you are using default SOA_DesignTimeRepository as shown below.


Right click SOA_DesignTimeRepository and select Transfer as shown below.


Select the Resources/Folders that you want to deploy to DB MDS.


Click + for Target Connection to bring up Create SOA-MDS Connection window. Enter Connection Name and select Connection Type, Connection and MDS partition as shown below. Typically, you would select a connection having MDS schema credentials. You can also verify the database connectivity using Test Connection.


Click OK and verify Target Connection is updated as shown below.


Click Transfer and verify that success message is shown up as below.


Click OK. In Resource Palette, verify that resources have been transferred and shown up as below.


This approach enables developer to deploy file based MDS quickly and improve the productivity and definitely one of my favorite features in 12c.



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