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I will use this post as a repository of useful links and blogs which I can expect to grow exponentially over the time, so will try to include links on more generalized or important topics of much interest.

– SOA Suite PS6 New Features


– SOA SDLC by Mark Nelson


– Understanding View Accessors


-12c JMS Adapter Scalability


Cluster Messaging Protocols


– Multiple SOA Suite Revisions with DB Adapter


– Message Sequencing Patterns (white paper)

– Parallel Routing Rules


BPEL Mania

List of All Instance States

– Transaction Boundaries and Rollbacks

Fault Handling

OTN Article Series

Fault Handling in SOA Suite – Advanced Concepts

Business Rules

Self-Study Course


EDN Debugging

– Fanning out Events

– SOA 12c – EDN Articles

Continuous Integration

Deploy SOA Composites using Hudson


Best Practices

– 11g Hands-on Tutorial

– WLST Fundamentals in context of OSB

– Working with Oracle Security Token Service

– One-Way Authentication Policies in OSB

– Coherence Integration

– Caching Strategies for OSB 11g

Out-of-Process Coherence Servers

– 12c Hands-on Tutorial

12c – Series of Articles

– 12c – REST enabling SOA


Oracle Blog


    BPM vs BPEL

     Case Management

Quick Series

Case Activities, Part-I

SOA Governance

 – SOA Governance Through Enterprise Architecture

Fusion Applications

 Fusion Applications Life Cycle

 – Request Flow in Fusion Applications

 – Asynchronous Web Services in Fusion Applications

 – Oracle Fusion DOO – Integrating External Systems using EIL


   – Translating Customizations


Transactions when using DB Adapter vs ADF BC Service

Most of us are well aware of global transactions (XA) when using DB Adapter and setting XADataSourceName during creation of DB Connection Pool. ADF BC Services are widely used in Oracle Fusion Applications at Data Service layer  instead DB Adapters. So it’s worth investigating or finding out the scope of transaction when calling these ADF BC Services.

Sample code for this demonstration can be found here and accepts string input, where valid values are ‘DB’ or ‘ADF’.


  • ADF BC Service call does not get enlisted into main BPEL txn, so system fault, user defined fault or Roll back fault will not revert the changes done by ADF BC Service. So developer should think of compensation in failure scenarios in case of faults.


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