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SOA Project Compilation Issue

Recently we came across some compilation issue with SOA composite. Though it’s a small issue, I feel worth sharing as we often forget few basic things during development.

The SOA composite uses DB Adapter for polling the database. Every time we refresh or run through the database wizard and compiles the composite, we are getting compilation error saying ‘variable <<variable name>> of type <<variable type>> is not defined’.

Reason: We will have a WSDL represents the service interface exposed by the DB adapter even when we used the polling option. Whenever we define a variable in BPEL the corresponding XSD (where the elements are defined) will be imported or included into this service WSDL. These import/include statements are getting removed in the WSDL every time we refresh the DB adapter. Re-adding these import/include statements in the WSDL had resolved the issue. This also applies to other kind of service interfaces

We observed the same issue with some of SOA composites after migrating from 10g to 11g.



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