SOA 12c–Creating ESS Schedule metadata

The real strength of ESS comes from the ability of scheduling a job which is a common use case. ESS provides Schedule as the job metadata to enable the user to schedule job either based on recurrence or on explicit dates. In this post, we will see how to create this Schedule metadata and use it for our ESS job created in the previous post.

To create Schedule metadata, select File –> New –> Enterprise Scheduler Metadata –> Schedule.


Give a meaningful name for the schedule and use the same package as used in previous post.


Click OK and you can observe the new schedule in project explorer.


Let us define a schedule so that ESS job runs for every 2 min thrice considering Start and End dates as shown below. You can also give explicit dates to be included regardless of recurring settings in the respective section. Observe that we are not specifying any ESS job while defining the schedule which enables the reuse of schedule and can be used for any ESS jobs.


Now save your changes and deploy to ESS server using the steps mentioned in previous post.

To view the newly created Schedule in EM console, navigate to ESSAPP –> Job Requests –> Define Schedule and do search for EssNativeHostingApp as shown below.


You can also set the recurrence settings using Every field for seconds, Hours, Days, Weeks etc.. as shown below.


And appropriate selection of days, weeks etc.. will be enabled based on the selected frequency as shown below.


Navigate to ESSAPP –> Job Requests –> Submit Job Request and select the job definition as shown below. Go to Schedule section and click search icon for Use existing schedule.


Select the appropriate schedule and click OK.



To see submitted requests, navigate to ESSAPP->Job Requests –> Search Job Requests and do search for this job.


In the above screenshot, you can observe 3 requests (used 3 as the count in Schedule) have been submitted as child jobs. Click on Parent ID and Request ID to see more information on these job requests.



Using EM Console to Create Schedule

We can also create a schedule using EM console directly as shown below.






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