Using BAM Adapter in OSB

OSB has support for BAM adapter since release. This post talks about creating a business service using BAM JCA adapter that can push data into BAM Active Data Cache for displaying in real-time dashboards or in BAM reports. Before actually proceeding further i want to thank my colleague who allowed  me to take shameless copy of her screenshots.

This post assumes basic understanding of BAM and data objects.

To use the JCA BAM adapter we have to create the necessary JCA, WSDL and other files in JDeveloper and get them into OSB project. This procedure is same irrespective of the JCA adapter that we want to use with OSB as the Eclipse environment does not have support for this.

So the first step is creating BAM connection JDeveloper. To create BAM connection do File->New->Connections->BAM Connection.


Enter any meaningful name for BAM connection and click on Next.


Give the host name where the BAM server is hosted as shown in the following screenshot and click on Next.


In the next screen, do the Test Connection to make sure that Jdeveloper is able to connect to BAM server. This connection will be used in the BAM adapter wizard to select the required data object.

Now create a SOA project and drag the BAM adapter from Service Adapters section to External References section swim lane of the composite.xml to bring up adapter wizard as shown below.


Enter the meaningful name and click on Next. Select the operation that has to be performed on BAM data object as shown below.


Click on the Browse button which fetches all the data objects that are created as shown below.


In my case, i have selected the operation ‘upset’ and ‘Testdataobject’. Select the columns from available list that have to be available to perform the selected operation from OSB.


Click on Next which brings the screen to enter the JNDI name of the connection pool. This connection pool has to be created in the WLS admin console for BAM Adapter in OSB. Enter eis/bam/soap as JNDI value  and click on Next and Finish to complete the wizard.


After finishing this wizard, we can see the WSDL, JCA and XSD files getting created in our SOA project. Copy these files into an OSB project and do right click on JCA file and select Oracle Service Bus –> Generate Service to create the business service as shown below.


Make sure that you have done the following configuration in OSB WLS Admin console i.e. required for connecting to BAM server. Login to WLS Admin Console and go to Deployments->OracleBamAdapter. Click on Configuration –> Outbound Connection Pools which brings up the following screen.


Click on eis/bam/soap and enter the BAM server details as shown below.


Now run the above created business service and verify.


2 Responses to “Using BAM Adapter in OSB”

  1. 1 olicks May 11, 2012 at 5:50 PM

    i get a user authentication error ,though l am running OSB and BAM in separate machines

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