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OSB Documentation Update..

OSB documentation gave the following long waited update on usage of OWSM policies to use with SwA and the same can be found in the link.


Oracle Service Bus does not support attaching OWSM policies on proxy/business services that process messages with MIME attachments, including message protection policies with SwA (SOAP with Attachments) properties enabled. Using OWSM policies with MTOM-enabled services is also not supported.

Release supports WS-Security with MTOM and SwA and new features are summarized here.


Email Attachments with OWSM in OSB

We all know that OWSM policies can’t be used when MTOM is enabled for the proxy services. Looking at the note ID 1347447.1, it seems that we don’t have OWSM support even for SOAP with Attachments (SwA) as well.

Following is the solution given in the metalink note.


Use WS-SecurityPolicy or policies packaged in WebLogic Server (see ) instead of OWSM.
Support for MTOM and SwA assertions with OWSM will be introduced in OSB 12


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