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HTTP Binding In BPEL- Testing from SOAP UI

Recently, we came across a requirement of exposing the BPEL service to be accessible over HTTP without exposing it as SOAP service. We have used the HTTP binding for this purpose. This blog provides the useful information on coming up with actual HTTP url to be used for testing as we faced issues with testing the process from EM console.

Basically the url should be some thing like below for GET invocation:

<<url given in EM>>/?<your query string>&operationName=<get operation name>

Just wanted to add simple update on this topic, the URL is working even by giving different name for operation other than default operation name ‘Request-Response’. The same has been tested from SOAP UI (GET method invocation).

Error while using the HTTP Binding in BPEL

HTTP Binding can be used in BPEL to call the RESTful services. We might have come across one common error REPLACE_WITH_ACTUAL_URL while calling. Came across a metalink note that talks about this so thought of sharing the same.

Metalink Note ID: 1328955.1

Following are the few reasons that i found during my testing with the HTTP adapter to invoke REST based urls:

–  If the URL is not accessible from the server because of the firewall or HTTP proxy

– Using the XML complex types in the request structure.

Though, the metalink url says that XML complex types are not supported it’s working in version ( i verified only in this version). The same working sample can be downloaded from here.

The example calls the Echo application which can be downloaded from  here (Antony Reynold’s blog).


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