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FMW is released !!!

FMW was released last week and it seems to be a patch release for 12.2.1. Some quick links related to SOA are given below.







12.2.1 OSB JDev Issues

The following information is related to 12.2.1 release unless stated otherwise.

Issue 1:

OSB projects are being converted to SOA projects after adding a XQuery to workspace. You can confirm this by looking at components window which shows SOA related components after opening a pipeline.

Fortunately, this issue is already documented by in support note 2090174.1 and the solution is applying the patch 22226040. Refer to this post for instructions on applying the patch. Make sure that ORACLE_HOME and MW_HOME are pointing to right locations when you have multiple middleware homes.

Verify that patch is successfully applied by issuing opatch lspatches. Restart jdeveloper after clearing the cache (system directory).

If you still see this issue, verify the jpr files TechnologyScopeConfiguration does not have SOA entry similar to below.

<hash n=”oracle.ide.model.TechnologyScopeConfiguration”>
<list n=”technologyScope”>
<string v=”Maven”/>
<string v=”ServiceBusTechnology”/>
<string v=”WSDL”/>
<string v=”WSPolicy”/>
<string v=”XML”/>

Issue 2:

For the first time, jdeveloper is getting stuck saying ‘Loading Maven…’ when opening any existing Service Bus application. To resolve the issue, modify the version to 12.2.1-0-0 in parent section of pom files of service bus projects including System project. Sample is shown below.


SOA 12.2.1 Released!!!

SOA 12.2.1 is released and available for download from OTN here. Another one from Oracle just before this year OOW and really excited to know.

Please refer to the supportability matrix here and it requires JDK 1.8.0_51+ on both Linux and Windows. Though Windows 7 is not listed as certified OS, i was able to install and installation is similar to 12.1.3 described here.

Following is extract from respective developer guides for your quick reference:

SOA New Features:

  • Support for patching running composite instances.
  • In-Memory SOA.
  • Debugger enhanced for XSLT maps and conditional debugging.
  • Support for End-to-End JSON and JavaScript.

Service Bus New Features:

  • Supports REST natively end-to end.
  • JavaScript pipeline action to simplify manipulation of JSON/XML payloads.
  • A new pipeline branch REST branch  used with the un-typed Native REST services.
  • A web-based XSLT mapper in Service Bus console.
  • Debugger is enhanced to support conditional and exception breakpoints.
  • JDeveloper is enhanced to deploy resources to Oracle Cloud WL Server instances.
  • HTTP transport is enhanced to support the compressed payloads.
  • SFTP transport is enhanced with FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) compliance support.
  • EJB transport is enhanced to leverage JAX-WS to perform Java to XML bindings.
  • MQ transport is to support Multi-Instance Queue Manager.

ADF–Using bind variable with IN clause

Using IN clause is very common requirement when working with the ADF View Objects and rows have to be filtered on multiple values of the same attribute.

In this blog, Jobinesh shows a way to achieve this requirement using the bind variable. The same approach is not working when we have to use the multiple columns in IN clause like below:

                     select * from tableA where (col1,col2,col3) IN ()

We can use the following code to achieve this and have tested in ADF 11g.

ADF-BC Service

Recently started looking into Fusion Applications, where ADF BC Services are used at the Data Service layer rather than DB adapter. Lot of articles are found and there is nice documentation as well on how to create the ADF-BC services. I just want to highlight following points as It might take a little while to figure out for novices. And  the existing SOA domain ( did not enforce any additional runtime/libraries installation for deploying ADF-BC services EAR file .

  • Typical ADF-BC service URL looks like ://http://<host>:<port>/<context-root>/<servicename>.  Context Root should be mentioned in Project Properties –> Java EE Application –> Java EE Web Context Root and always give a meaningful name instead of the default value.


  • And service name is the one given while exposing the application module as the service and it’s not Application Module name.


  • By default, AM uses JNDI of data source in specific format as shown below. If we want to use existing data source make sure that it’s modified to your data source JNDI and not JNDI of DB connection pool.


  • Also make sure you uncheck ‘Auto Generate’ option in application deployment profile(EAR) if existing data source has to be used and does not want to create data sources defined in AM.


JDeveloper 11g Issue

Today, i faced an issue while creating the Database Connection for one of the ADF Application. Following is the error that i have got and because of this i did not see the file connections.xml getting created. Illegal character in path at index 39: file:/C:/DOCUME~1/sivakumar_g01/Local Settings/Temp/credstore-jps-config7177642620278163914.xml]

Over here, i want to reiterate the solution that i found after doing google. The solution is modifying the TEMP environment variable to a path that does not contain spaces. The link discuss on the same.



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