MAF 2.2 to MAF 2.3 observations

Continuing with previous article, the same MAF application has been migrated to 2.3 and here i want to highlight my observations. As usual, the list is not exhaustive and depends on the features that we used. For  more information on 2.3 release, refer to documentation here.

  • Now the default Alta Skin version is 1.5, however we need to manually modify to this version in maf-config.xml.
  • Since Windows 10 support is added, now migrated application will have windows related resources and deployment profile.
  • The plugin-ids for core plugins Contacts are changed to cordova-plugin-contacts.
  • Now maf-application.xml shows cordova engine versions supported by MAF for each platform (Android, iOS, Windows).
  • Login connection configuration does not have Mobile-Social as one of the mechanisms and users are advised to use oAuth2.
  • oracle/wss_http_token_over_ssl_client_policy is not listed in OWSM policies in Security section of maf-application.xml.
  • All allowed URL Schemes that are allowed to be accessed have to be listed in maf-application.xml -> security for iOS.
  • Whitelisting is removed from maf-application.xml and also the API AdfmfJavaUtilities.addWhiteListEntry(Entries) are deprecated.  Refer to this post for implementing this functionality manually.
  • Now the RestServiceAdapter to be initialized in the following manner and old class has been deprecated. Observe the imports below.


                             RestServiceAdapter restAdapter = RestServiceAdapterFactory.newFactory().createRestServiceAdapter();

  • setRequestType() method in RestServcieAdapter is modified to setRequestMethod().

I observed the following issues are resolved in MAF 2.2:

  • Fcaed some issues with plugman during the installation of cordova plugins (e.g.: Barcode scanner) in linux envs when used symbolics based Source control system. Basically, its an issue with symbolic links.

2 Responses to “MAF 2.2 to MAF 2.3 observations”

  1. 1 Abhishek Kumar August 31, 2016 at 8:11 PM

    Hi, I am facing issues with the cordova version 4.1.1 for android. What changes or more precisely, how the plugins has to be added to the maf-plugin.xml..?

    Please reply ASAP.

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