Service Bus 12c – Deploying and Testing

During development, you may often deploy and test your Business and Proxy services to verify that you are able to send request and receive response as expected. And typically, if the service provider is external to your organization, you have to configure your business service to use HTTP proxy server.

Note: HTTP Proxy Server is a global resource to be created in Service Bus Application and can be attached to business service in Advanced Settings of Transport Details tab.

In Service Bus 12c, you can use either Integrated or Standalone WLS to test business/proxy services.

Integrated WLS:

Right click business/proxy service and select Run.


If Default Domain does not exist, JDeveloper will prompt for credentials to create Integrated WLS. Enter credentials click OK to start server.


Once the server starts, Test Console is opened as shown below. This Test Console shows all available operations (If it’s based on WSDL), Request Document section (to enter payload), Transport section (to enter transport headers) and Attachments section.


Click Execute and observe that you are able to send request and receive response as shown below. You can use Back to modify payload and repeat your test scenarios.


Standalone WLS:

You can also deploy your service bus project to standalone WLS from JDeveloper and test from sbconsole. Right click XYZCommon project and choose Deploy as shown below.


Finish deployment using steps shown below.




Once deployment is done, login to sbconsole using http://host:port/sbconsole. Clicking arrow icon (highlighted below) will bring up the same Test Console shown earlier.


Another option is exporting your projects as Configuration Jar and deploy to either Integrated or Standalone WLS. To do this, right click XYZCommon project and select Export as shown below.


Select Service Bus Resources option as shown below.


Select Configuration Jar as destination.


Click Next. Give Jar file name including file system path as shown below and click Finish.


Open sbconsle. Create new session by clicking Create to import configuration jar.


Click Import icon in Resources tab.


Select configuration jar using Choose File button as show below.


Click Next. Accept defaults and click Import.


Click Close on confirmation screen and verify new project is shown as below in Resources tab.


Click Activate and confirm the session so that your changes will be effective.



Similarly, you can export service bus project directly to server by choosing Server as shown below in Export Service Bus Resources window shown earlier.


Click Next and choose Destination Server as shown below.


Click Next. Accept defaults and click Finish. Once export is successful, you can launch sbconsole and test your business and proxy services as shown above.


Note: Developer can choose any of the above options for deploying and testing business/proxy services.


5 Responses to “Service Bus 12c – Deploying and Testing”

  1. 1 Anonymous April 1, 2017 at 3:51 AM

    Hi, I don’t know why is this happening. But i faced the same issue while trying to execute test console, it just failed showing the tab used to provide the request and instead i received the same message that Sundar did. Thanks God, in my case, it solved manually deploying the service at service bus console, since then, the error stopped showing and i was able to test from jdeveloper. Siva could you shed some light in this, why could this be happening, is there any flag in configuration file or something that could be causing this strange behavior? Thanks in advance.

  2. 2 Sundar June 3, 2016 at 5:27 AM


    I am getting below error while deploying the application through Jdev in intergrated weblogic server. I couldnt find much info related to this.

    Validation of ServiceMetadataDerivedType XYZProject/Pipelines/CustomerPSPipeline.Pipeline failed: ServiceMetadataDerivedType XYZProject/Pipelines/CustomerPSPipeline.Pipeline does not exist

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