Coherence in OSB

In one of our proxy services, we call one service to get credentials with which we can proceed with next service calls in the message flow. As anybody can guess, the credentials might remain same for a period of time (though based on the reset policy).

So if we can reduce number of service calls by caching the service results will increase the performance of the service. I felt that i have realized this very late Smileonce i started searching for this feature in OSB as i find number of articles on the same.

Using Oracle Coherence is the way to cache service results and ‘Result Caching’ is the feature of business service through which OSB can leverage coherence functionality. Thought of putting all my findings in one post but after seeing this article on OTN, i don’t dare to do that.

I have just taken this simple scenario to make a point on using coherence in OSB. The context explained over here may not be the right candidate if we are not aware of the credential reset policy. Then the credentials stored in cache may not be the right ones always and need to clear the cache. So the context has to be clearly ascertained to use coherence.

Currently in the process of finding the way to use coherence in BPEL.


2 Responses to “Coherence in OSB”

  1. 1 Kenny May 2, 2018 at 2:43 PM

    Hi, thanks for this. Do you need extra licences to use coherence in OSB?

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