Sharing Resources in Oracle Service Bus

In Oracle Service Bus world, all the artifacts are called the OSB resources. In a typical SOA environment, there will be a need to share the different resources across the projects. The resources can be anything like WSDLs, XSDs, Proxy, Business service etc..

This post talks about sharing these resources across different projects in OSB development environment. OSB has the concepts of Configuration Project and OSB Project that can be used to organize different artifacts.

We cannot create all kinds of resources in the OSB Configuration Project. For example creating WSDL or XSD in configuration project will give the error. We can only create the Global Resources like Proxy Server, JNDI Provider and SMTP Server. All these resources that can be created in the OSB Configuration Project can be accessed from different OSB projects present in the Configuration Project.

To  share other resources, we can create a common OSB Project and keep all the resources in this project. The following screenshots shows that WSDL and Business Service created in CMNIntegrationProject being used in OSBProject2.



Like the ones shown in the above screenshots we can use all the resources that are created in common project from other projects. This is possible because all the resources will be referenced from the OSB project. Observe the project name inclusion in WSDL path which is making this sharing possible. The same behavior can be seen from OSB console as well.


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