Creating the Weblogic Domain for OSB

We are done with the OSB installation and RCU components that are required OSB (if we want to use OWSM). We have to create the domain so that we can deploy the OSB components. This post quickly explains on how to create the WLS domain. As mentioned earlier we are talking about the creation in Windows 7 environment.

1) Go to your WLS  installation and open the configuration wizard as shown below.


2) This brings up the following screen where we have the options to create the new domain or extend the existing domain. Choose the option ‘Create a new Weblogic domain’.


3) The screen shows the different products can be configured in the new domain. Select the ‘OWSM extension’ if you are planning to use the security policies for your OSB services. Select the ‘Single Server Domain Topology’ option, if you want just the Admin Server or select ‘All Domain Topologies’ if you want both Admin and Managed Servers to be created.


4) Enter a meaningful name for the domain to create and retain the default values for others.


5) Enter the admin password for the weblogic user and click on Next.


6) Select the JDK installation in the next screen and proceed to the next screen to provide the authentication related information for the component schemas. Enter credentials for schemas DEV_MDS as its given during the RCU installation.

For OSB JMS Reporting provider, you can use the internal derby database that comes with the Weblogic or you can use the DEV_SOAINFRA schema as shown below.


7) Proceed with the next screen where the testing of schema will be done using the credentials we entered. If there is an issue with the credentials you will get an error here. So you can go back to the previous screen and modify the credentials or fix the issues with database connectivity.


8)  Click Next twice to go to the final screen and click on Create button to finish the domain creation process.


9) To start the server, go to the file system location where the domain has created as shown in the below screenshot. To start the admin server, just right click on startWeblogic.bat file and choose ‘Run as administrator’.


10) We can verify the running of OSB server by accessing the URLs as given below.

:/console" target=_blank>http://<hostname>:<port>/console — To access WLS admin console

h:/sbconsole" target=_blank>http://<hostname>:<port>/sbconsole –-To access the OSB console


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